Trade Interiors is an innovative, Interior and Exterior company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Trade Interiors is an sister concern of Trade Engineer’s.

  • Trade Interiors devoted for it’s clients satisfaction & pleasure . Trade Interiors is
    considered to be among one of the top Architectural and Interior Design Company in Dhaka,
  • Trade Interiors has been credited to be so by various leading Designs around the country
    specially in Dhaka. Technical & Creative people is grouped in teams that follow projects all
    the way through from concept to the end. Each team comprises of team leaders and team
    members with experts in various aspects like design development, project management,
    visualization, etc. Trade Interiors a team of architects and designers strive constantly to
    create projects that stand out because of the distinct approach towards design, detail and the
    latest technology. Research is critical to be competitive in an ever-evolving international
    design market.
  • Since 2014 the company is devoted for the clients success and satisfaction also providing creative solutions of Interior or Exterior Design for Corporate space, Home or Apartments, Hotel, Cortege or Holiday Homes, Business space or Showrooms, Industries, factory etc.
  • Trade Interiors offers all range of Interior & Exterior design, Architectural Service includes Planning, Designing, Project Management, Quality control, Management, Decorating Services, Deriving Project Costs, Supervising, Quality Control, Budget Monitoring and Coordination of the entire project. Trade Interiors designer work repertoire includes corporate offices, banks, airline offices, Hotels, recreational facilities like restaurants, cafes and clubs, showrooms, call centers, large Residential spaces including farm houses and landscaped areas, schools, auditoriums etc.
  • Trade Interiors worked in Past and current projects include commercial, residential, health clubs, space and salons, hospitality, pharmaceutical, exhibition, institutional, mixed-use and high end residential Interior projects. use of CAD and computer 3D Modeling, which is done in house, helps the client to visualize their project in the best possible manner. All experimentation with space, light and material can then be done using this platform till the final result is achieved.



Trade Interiors comprises of designers who are specialized in architectural design, interior design in Dhaka & build services in Dhaka. We have a considerable amount of completed commercial spaces designed & built including but not limited to restaurants, offices, hotels and also few residential Spaces. We also undertake the Implementation of the same if client needs a design & build approach.


If all of the previous steps have been followed the build is the easy part and at Trade Interiors we will bring all the drawings and renders to life. We are fully in control from day one and use all our own project managers, site supervisors, construction specialists, mechanical and electrical engineers and others to create your new environment. Our project managers control the process and keep you fully.


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  • Trade Interiors believes good design is produced from careful study and research, combined with technical knowledge and artistic judgment. Attention to detail, proportions and scale, together with common sense ensure the finished product fully develops the potential within the concept.
  • We can offer a complete service from the initial design brief to the handing over the building/spaces. We have in house designers work with/for your organization from preliminary design by integrating your ideas and to meet your needs for a unique environment. 


  • All the conceptual ideas has to be refined to a space programming chart or list based on the common practices, market conditions and the local building codes. This is a very critical part of the whole design that will decrease the number of the revisions and will add huge value to the end product.